Elixinol Wellness Limited Overview

Elixinol Wellness Limited ( ASX: EXL ) is a global leader in the hemp industry, innovating, marketing and selling hemp derived and other plant-based nutraceuticals, cosmetic and food products. Our operations are focused on the following markets:


Established in 2014 and based in Colorado, we are a recognised market player with a strong brand reputation for quality and innovation. Our focus is building our Elixinol consumer brand portfolio via our experienced R&D, sales and marketing teams across the US and Latin America.



In the UK, Elixinol has an exclusive Trademark and Know-How Licensing Agreement with BRITISH CANNABIS, to manufacture, market and sell our CBD products.  

The UK is Europe’s largest CBD market and BRITISH CANNABIS is a leading brand and manufacturer in the UK with access to all distribution channels.



As an Australian publicly listed company, our corporate office is based here with a focus on providing strategic oversight, unified planning, governance and investor relations on behalf of the group. Based in Sydney, Australia.

We are also proud owners of one of Australia’s most established hemp foods brands with the award-winning Hemp Foods Australia. Located near Byron Bay, NSW, Hemp Foods Australia is a leading hemp food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter of bulk and branded raw materials, and finished products.


Rest of World

Across the rest of the world, we are continuously expanding distribution of Elixinol branded hemp derived products through reputable distributors as key markets open.